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Alexander Breton
Home of U.S. based thereminist Alexander Breton. (Hits: 1214)
Charles D. Stein - December 15, 1906 - March 8, 1996
Biography from Bob Sexton's "Take a Look at Theremins" web site. (Hits: 395)
Charlie Lester Thereminist
Web site of Los Angeles thereminist Charlie Lester. Includes lots of information and pictures about the theremin, Lev Termen, Samuel Hoffman. (Hits: 509)
Coven of One's Journal
Weblog of U.S. thereminist Nicoletta Stephanz. (Hits: 566)
Dalit Hadass Warshaw
An article about Dalit Hadass Warshaw. (Hits: 405)
David Simons
(Hits: 495)
Home of thereminist David Miller. (Hits: 454)
Eric Ross
Home of thereminist Eric Ross. (Hits: 492)
From Hollywood Horror Movies to Lincoln Center
Article about Eric Ross. (Hits: 405)
Hear and Theremin
An article about Dennis James by Michael S. Gant (Hits: 430)
Intissar of the Theremin
Home of thereminist Intissar. Contains humorous images, very nice articles about the theremin and sound clips. (Hits: 501)
James Coleman
(Hits: 545)
Lennington Shewell MP3s
Lennington Shewell's theremin MP3s taken from old 78rpm records. (Hits: 1354)
Lucie Bigelow Rosen
A brief note about Lucie and Walter Rosen involvement in Leon Theremin's work. (Hits: 465)
Natalia Paruz
(Hits: 435)
Rastascan Records | About Gino Robair
Gino Robair's profile at Rastascan Records. (Hits: 478)
Rob Schwimmer
Profile of thereminist Rob Schwimmer. (Hits: 487)
Roger Ballenger
Thereminist Roger Ballenger web site. Contains sound clips, a gallery of theremin personalities, links and a theremin gallery. (Hits: 479)
Rosalyn Tureck. December 14, 1914 -
Profile by Bob Sexton. (Hits: 378)
Ross Marshall
Ross Marshall web site. (Hits: 485)
Rupert's Pages
(Hits: 481)
Stein Electronic Instrument Collection at the National Music Museum
Highlights of the Charles D. Stein Collection at the University of South Dakota. (Hits: 495)
The Musical Saw and Theremin Page
From the vibrating edge of the musical saw to the electromagnetic fields of the theremin, you will find information, soundfiles, links, and more to explore these two different, yet in some ways similar, musical instruments. (Hits: 497)
The Village Voice: NY Mirror: La Dolce Musto by Michael Musto
(Hits: 438)
Tureck Bach Research Foundation
Autobiographical note by Rosalyn Tureck. (Hits: 450)
Virgil's Theremin Page!!
Virgil Franklin's web site. (Hits: 507)
Home of thereminist James Coleman. (Hits: 504)

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