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RCA Victor Theremin (15)
RCA Victor Theremin Links (1-15/15):
An RCA Victor Theremin Registry
A project started by Jason Barile on April 14, 1996 to help track down the remaining RCA Victor theremins. (Hits: 880)
Art's Theremin Page: The RCA Theremin
Technical article about the RCA theremin. (Hits: 715)
Berman Home Page
Some photographs of the RCA AR-1264 Theremin kept at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore, Maryland. (Hits: 1214)
Brown Crow Theremin Resource Index Page
Includes Respin of RCA's 1929 theremin schematic, pages aof the service manual and Clara Rockmore's custom theremin, schematic redrawn by R. Moog. (Hits: 773)
Dimensions of the RCA oscillator
Notes about the RCA theremin oscillators posted by Reid Welch to the Levnet mailing list 1997. (Hits: 1478)
More original RCA data
RCA theremin technical notes posted by Reid Welch to the Levnet mailing list in 1997. (Hits: 1425)
Music and Noise
Technical article. Include schematics, component list and chassis diagram. (Hits: 652)
RadiolaGuy.com : radiolaguy's showcase
Online vintage radio museum. (Hits: 475)
RCA Coil Dimensions
Notes about RCA theremin Coil Dimensions by Dave Ball. (Hits: 507)
RCA Theremin
Two photographs of the RCA theremin kept at the Audities Collection. (Hits: 626)
RCA Theremin Service Notes
The RCA 1929 Theremin Service Manual. (Hits: 1407)
The RCA Radiotron Manual
Complete scans of the RCA Radiotron Manual. (Hits: 624)
The RCA Theremin
RCA Theremin page at "Take a look at Theremins" site by Bob Sexton. Includes information about restoring, modifying and downloadable scans of the 1928 United States Theremin Patent, 1929 RCA Theremin Owners Instruction Manual, The 1929 RCA Promotional Brouchure, 1929 RCA Theremin Service Manual. (Hits: 641)
The RCA theremin - 1
RCA theremin technical article posted by Reid Welch to the Levnet mailing list in 1998. (Hits: 1493)
The RCA theremin - 2 - The pitch control system
An article about the construction and operation of the RCA theremin pitch control circuit posted by Reid Welch to the Levnet mailing list in 1998. (Hits: 1452)

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