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Theremin Cello (4)
Theremin Cello Links (1-4/4):
RS Theremin Cello - Ultimate
Ultermen is a multi voiced Theremin Cello. It is a simple concept that allows your volume hand to play multiple theremin voices 12" to 15" from the instrument and your pitch hand to play the normal arc of 2" to 24". (Hits: 1452)
The 'Theremin Cello' (1930)
Obsolete.com's page about the Theremin Cello. (Hits: 954)
Theremin Vox - Theremin Cello is back. An interview with Olivia Mattis
An interview with musicologist Olivia Mattis about the return of the Theremin Cello. (Hits: 1415)
Theremin Vox - Theremincello
Photographs of the Theremin Cello kept at the National Music Museum. (Hits: 1401)

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