Introducing The “Juliet Shaw Legacy Project”

Juliet Shaw
American thereminist Juliet Shaw.

With great pleasure, we received the following message from the American thereminist Kip Rosser:

To all of you thereminists, theremin enthusiasts, electro-musicians and electronic music lovers the world over…
Juliet Shaw was a concert pianist and thereminist whose performing career spanned from the early 1930s through the late 1980s. Yet, she’s barely mentioned anywhere online or in theremin literature. Her extraordinary legacy has never been fully explored or documented.
That’s all about to change.
During the past six months I’ve been collaborating with Sandra, Juliet Shaw’s daughter. Now, for the first time in over seventy years, Juliet Shaw’s vast legacy will finally see the light of day.
And you can be a part of making it happen.
Meet thereminist Juliet Shaw and the Juliet Shaw Legacy Project:

Like many of us, Kip has always wanted to know more about Juliet Shaw. A curiosity heightened by the extreme scarcity of information about her: little or nothing can be found online, she is not mentioned in Albert Glinsky’s book, and published only one article about her. However, in 2008 Kip had the opportunity to meet Juliet’s daughters and play her theremin. Later he filmed numerous interviews with Sandra, one of Juliet’s daughters, who entrusted him with all the material she had managed to recover: paper documents, photographs, magnetic tapes, vinyl, and films.

It is, Kip informs us, an immense amount of material that, once archived and cataloged, will be donated to an institution worthy of receiving it but not before digitizing it. To carry out this immense work, Kip has launched a fundraiser on the following site:

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