Jean Jacques Perrey Live at San Francisco’s "Recombinant Media Labs"

Jean Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman
Jean Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman.

On August 29, 2006 8pm Jean Jacques PERREY will play a live concert in San Francisco’s Recombinant Media Labs of “Happy Retro Moog Pop”!

In the 60s, the 77-year-old composer produced some of the most amazingly inventive/humorous music ever collaged together with a razor blade and tape, on albums like The In Sound From Way Out.

Jean Jacques will play the Ondioline, accompanied by Dana Countryman. (Their new CD collaboration, The Happy ElectroPop Music Machine [Oglio Records], is scheduled for release on Sept 25, 2006.)

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On the 30th the duo will show up at at Pomona’s Analogue Haven (admission free) and on the 31st at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood. The show will feature also thereminist Sukho Lee of Seksu Roba.

(via Music for maniacs)

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