LEV TERMEN – L’uomo amplificato (The man amplified)

Details on the forthcoming (February 22, 2007) performance LEV TERMEN – L’uomo amplificato (The man amplified). Dettagli sulla rappresentazione teatrale “LEV TERMEN – L’uomo amplificato” che si terrà il 22 Febbraio 2007 a Molinella (BO). LEV TERMEN is the second theatrical production – after the one about Lise Meitner and nuclear fission – that Terzadecade/L’aquila […]

Clara Rockmore’s Lost Theremin Album

Clara Rockmore playing a Victor RCA Theremin

The message that follows has been sent today by Steve Sherman, Clara Rockmore’s great-nephew and Nadia Reisenberg’s grandson, to the Levnet forum. Dear Levnet – I don’t think I’ve ever actually posted on Levnet, or at least haven’t since Clara died in 1998. I am Steve Sherman, Clara Rockmore’s great-nephew and Nadia Reisenberg’s grandson (my […]

The Lothars return to New York City for the first time in over seven years!

Next Tuesday night, December 5, at 8:30PM, The Lothars will be performing at the Galapagos Art Space, providing the soundtrack to the 1929 Soviet silent film “Man With a Movie Camera” (“Chelovek s kinoapparatom”). “Dziga Vertov’s masterpiece is an application of ‘life as it is lived.’ A cameraman travels around a city with a camera […]

Russolo’s Art of Noises at the Estorick

Luigi Russolo was one of the most original personalities of Futurism – of which he was both a founder and a theorist – and this is the first major retrospective exhibition of his work. Luigi Russolo: Life and Works of a Futurist, on view at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, 39a Canonbury Square, […]

Theremin-Workshop with Barbara Buchholz in SA Taronja-Andratx-Mallorca

A student of the master classes of Lydia Kavina, Barbara Buchholz has retrieved the instrument from oblivion and is finding new uses and applications for it in contemporary music. Music And Magic have always been inseparable from one another. But the magic of the Theremin is unlike any other instrument. Just to play the theremin, […]

Theremin Classic “The Swan” Magisterially Performed by Masami Takeuchi

Masami Takeuchi

We’ve heard it so many times played by Clara, Lydia, Peter and many others. And all of us theremin lovers have tried to play it, with mixed results, at least one time. It’s the theremin Classic The Swan by Saint-Saens. Well, it is worth to listen to it one more time in this video by […]