“VOCALISE”: New CD by Masami Takeuchi

Masami Takeuchi
Masami Takeuchi.

A message from Masami Takeuchi:

Dear all theremin enthusiasts,

The new CD “VOCALISE” by Masami Takeuchi, a Japanese Theremin player, will be brought out on 28th August, 2006 – the 110th birthday of Lev Termen. Masami Takeuchi is pupil of Lydia Kavina, this release of the 2nd CD has been 5 years since the last one. In addition, his 1st CD “Time slips away” released in 2001 will be reselled on the day.

“VOCALISE” is consisted mainly of Classic Ayres. The pieces are simple yet elegant, the sound of Theremin with accompaniment by acoustic piano only.

“Time slips away” is remixed and remastered edition of the sound source that released in 2001. It consisted by original works for Theremin composed by Japanese composer Tomoko Aoki. Lydia Kavina, Masami Takeuchi’s teacher, joined in the song for two Theremins. Peter Dopita joined as Musial Saw player in the song for Theremin and Musical Saw.

The details of CD are available to see in the following Web site. Few sample sound files of tracks are able to be listened there. http://www.mandarinelectron.com/theremin/english/works/index.html


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