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There are plenty of theremin sites on the web, so what’s the use of another theremin site?

Yet another Theremin site

There are plenty of theremin sites on the web. To have an idea just browse our TVOX Directory and follow the links: you will find lots of useful information. Biographies of Leon Theremin, discographies, midi files, MP3s, videos, photographs, playing tips, schematics, discussion forums etc.

Leon Theremin
Lev Sergeivitch Termen.

So what’s the use of another theremin site?

Well, apart from the fun we have in working at it, the idea behind “thereminvox.com” is that the legacy of Lev Termen (also known as Leon Theremin) is not limited to the theremin itself. The work of Termen not only marked a fundamental step in the history of music, it also disclosed unimaginable expressive possibilities for electronic technology clearly prefiguring present-day artistic research such as gestural control technology, virtual reality and telelematic art, to name a few.

Therefore – though we intend to keep a strong focus on the theremin – our goal is to investigate the role of technology as a tool for expressive manifestations; the relations between art, technology and the human body; that phenomenon of homology between art and science that is due to a unique creativity that acts upon an epoch’s cultural sphere and brings operators of different fields to a similar way of working and reasoning. (*)

The site is still under construction, both because some of the planned “TVOX Services” are not yet available, and also because the main structure of the site could change in the near future. So, if you have suggestions, please, send us a note.

(*) See: Renato Barilli, Scienza della cultura e fenomenologia degli stili, Bologna, 1991

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