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Pavlov Theremin Model 1994

The preliminary information sheet of the Pavlov Theremin Model 1994 designed by George Pavlov and Yaroslav Schelkunov. This can be considered the predecessor of the tVox tour.

What follows is the “Preliminary information sheet” of the Pavlov Theremin Model 1994, predecessor ot the tVox tour. This model is no longer in production, thus the following information is provided only for historical reasons.

1994 Model Professional Theremin from Russia

Pavlov Theremin Model 1994
Pavlov Theremin Model 1994.


  • Classical theremin voice with wide 7-octaves pitch range
  • High quality sound and wide dynamic range (85 dB) for work with modern sound equi pment in studios
  • Original volume and condition controller with optical sensor and optimized characteristic for professional performance
  • Digital system automatically controls audio outs for comfortable use in concert and studio work
  • Slim line (approx. 18x12x3 ins) and lightweight (2.5 kg) plastic case

A new 1994 model theremin is designed in Russia for professional use in studious and live-shows. General concept and a prototype were designed under supervision of eminent professional European thereminist Lydia Kavina and therefore both old traditions and most contemporary demands for sound quality and user comfort were taken into account.

Lydia Kavina Playing the Pavlov Theremin Model 1994
Lydia Kavina playing the Pavlov Theremin Model 1994.

The theremin is an instrument, traditionally played without being touched. The pitch generating module of this model controlled by right hand movement near vertical antenna is based on classical beat-frequency scheme invented by professor Theremin. New model provides clear sound with traditional theremin voice, wide pitchrange and comfortable control characteristic.

Volume and service functions are controlled by the non-capacitive sensor under left hand of a performer. Its control characteristic has been adjusted for expressive playing. The problem of parasitic false notes during tuning solved with digital service system. When you need ‘catch’ the pitch in an introduction or after a pause, the logic circuit will automatically send sound to your personal monitor and after the tuning will make it audible for spectators (or for the record). Simple indicator panel makes the condition of instrument visible. No direct contact is needed throughout the whole performance. Wide dynamic range and high quality sound of the 1994 model are good advantages for use with modern sound processors and recorders.

Slim line and lightweight plastic case will not bother you during your concert activity.

The theremin was designed by George Pavlov and Yaroslav Schelkunov (graduate students of Moskow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation) in 1994.

Moskow, October 1994

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