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RCA Theremin Service Notes


The RCA Theremin is an electrical musical instrument played by the free movement of the hands in space. The actual production of sound is accomplished by means of a loudspeaker which must be connected to the RCA Theremin. The loudspeaker may be located close to the Theremin or at any convenient distance as required.

The electrical circuits incorporated in the instrument are designed to operate from the house lighting circuit controlled by a power switch mounted on the cabinet. Provision is also made for adjusting pitch and volume by suitable panel controls. A “play-off” switch provides for turning “On or Off” the Theremin with switching off the power supply.

Cover of "RCA Theremin Service Notes".
Cover of “RCA Theremin Service Notes”.

A knowledge of the design and operation of the instrument is desirable if any service work becomes necessary. The present RCA Service Notes have been prepared to provide service personnel with practical helps and technical information in the performance of this service work. This information has been compiled from experience with the problems encountered and presents the best practice in dealing with them. A careful reading of these Service Notes will establish their value and it is suggested they be preserved for ready reference.

In addition to supplying the Service Notes RCA maintains a corps of engineers who visit the trade at frequent intervals to advise and assist in the performance of Service Work.

Property of the Radio-victor Corporation of America. Confidential and to be used only by those authorized by RCA to furnish service in connection with its apparatus.

Copyright 1929-Radio-victor Corporation of America

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