Lydia Kavina: The Theremin Yesterday And Today

Theremin Virtuosa Lydia Kavina in Chile

Lydia Kavina is one of the greatest thereminists of all time. The last protégé of Léon Theremin, she started studying the theremin at the age of nine. She played a fundamental role in the so-called “renaissance of the theremin,” performing all over the world, making recordings, participating in film soundtracks, writing original music for theremin, and teaching the instrument to new generations of thereminists. I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with her.

Fantasia for Theremin, Oboe, Piano, and String Quartet

Lydia KavinaFantasia for Theremin, Oboe, Piano, and String Quartet

“Fantasia for theremin, oboe, piano, and string quartet” by Bohuslav Martinů taken from the unpublished VHS cassette by Lydia Kavina “Concerto per Theremin. Live in Italy” (2000).

Theremin – Lydia Kavina
Violin – Roberto Mazzola*
Violin – Angela Ferrando*
Viola – Alessandro Ghè*
Cello – Giulio Glavina*
Oboe – Stefania Tedesco
Piano – Mauro Cavalieri D’Oro
* Columbus Orchestra (Italy)

Lydia Kavina’s Theremin made by Anthony J. Henk (U.K.)

Recorded live in Colletta di Castelbianco (SV), Italy, in 1998.

Touch! Don’t Touch!

Theremin —– Neue Musik —– Live-Projektion Lydia Kavina: Theremin Barbara Buchholz: Theremin Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin: Tobias Rempe – Violine, Ringela Riemke – Violoncello, Heather O’ Donnell – Klavier, Dirk Rothbrust – Schlagzeug pedda Borowski: Overhead-Projektion Kompositionen von Olga Bochihina, Moritz Eggert, Johannes Hildebrand, Michael Hirsch, Juliane Klein, Olesia Rostovskaja, Iraida Usupova, Nicolaus Richter de […]

Lydia Kavina Gives Theremin Workshop in Paris

Lydia Kavina will give a theremin workshop at M.E.S.I. in Paris on December 15-17. Program:     Lecture on theremin technique, performing interpretation, composition for theremin.     Answer to any question about the story of theremin and its use.     Private lessons.     Exchange your theremin experience with other theremin players. Information […]

Pavlov Theremin Model 1994

Pavlov Theremin 1994.

The preliminary information sheet of the Pavlov Theremin Model 1994 designed by George Pavlov and Yaroslav Schelkunov. This can be considered the predecessor of the tVox tour. What follows is the “Preliminary information sheet” of the Pavlov Theremin Model 1994, predecessor ot the tVox tour. This model is no longer in production, thus the following […]

Music With Just a Wave of a Hand

At the Conservatory’s Theremin Center for Electro-Acoustic Music, theremin player Lydia Kavina labors to keep the inventor’s legacy alive, and his instrument in (or near) the hands of musicians. by Avery Johnson, The St. Petersburg Times MOSCOW – In a small warren of rooms on the fourth floor of the Moscow Conservatory, the sound of […]

Swimming in the Air

Lydia Kavina’s fundamentals of theremin technique. “Swimming in the Air. Lydia Kavina’s fundamentals of theremin technique” is the title of an article written by Olivia Mattis that appeared on the July 1999 issue of the Electronic Musician magazine. Unfortunately the back issue is no longer available from the publisher and the electronic version was taken […]


Lydia KavinaSwampmusic

Free track (MP3) from Lydia Kavina’s live album “Concerto per Theremin”.