Howard MossmanFlamingoverb

Here is the RCA theremin as you have never heard it. Sound that is bounced between the earth and the moon.

Jungle Lullaby

Howard MossmanJungle Lullaby

I dusted off the old Stokowski RCA theremin to record Miklos Rozsa’s jungle lullaby theme. The theremin was played into a hand-held recorder so the fidelity is not the best, but I thought it worthwhile to play something a little different.

A Pretty Girl is like a Wavefront Classic

Howard MossmanA Pretty Girl is like a Wavefront Classic

I dusted off my hand-held cassette recorded and placed it in front of a small Crate amp to record the Wavfront Classic theremin. This was at the request of some folks that have never heard this theremin played.
I hope Gene Segal will forgive me for this rendition of “A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody.”

Kitten On The Kees

Howard MossmanKitten On The Kees

This poor totally improvised snippet was recorded using the Kees Enkelaar theremin. The recorder was a cheap hand held unit with bad fidelity. But it will give some idea of the range and sound of this new instrument. Uncle Howie

Hoffman On TV

Samuel HoffmanHoffman On TV

Here is an audio snippet of the “You Asked For It” TV show of the 50’s. Sam plays excerpts from The Lost Weekend and Spellbound motion pictures and the standard, “You Were Meant For Me”. Uncle Howie


Samuel HoffmanElectricity

Here is another rarity featuring Sam on a Rock and Roll album.
Uncle Howie

Autumn’s Child

Samuel HoffmanAutumn’s Child

Sam is a guest performer on this rock and roll song. Uncle Howie

Deep Purple/S’Wonderful

Samuel HoffmanDeep Purple/S’Wonderful

Hear Sam play two great standards, with a vocal and multitracking on S’Wonderful. The theremin is recorded with outstanding clarity. Uncle Howie

Kol Nidre (All Vows)

Samuel HoffmanKol Nidre (All Vows)

Sam plays this sad Hebrew song relating to absolution of all vows taken but remaining unfulfilled. Forgive the poor fidelity of this old 78 RPM recording Uncle Howie

Eli, Eli (My God, My God)

Samuel HoffmanEli, Eli (My God, My God)

Sam plays the lament of all oppressed peoples. “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me.” An old 78RPM recording. Uncle Howie