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Theremin Virtuosa Lydia Kavina in Chile

Lydia Kavina: The Theremin Yesterday And Today

Lydia Kavina is one of the greatest thereminists of all time. The last protégé of Léon Theremin, she started studying the theremin at the age of nine. She played a fundamental role in the so-called “renaissance of the theremin,” performing all over the world, making recordings, participating in film soundtracks, writing original music for theremin, and teaching the instrument to new generations of thereminists. I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with her.

Thereminist Zenaide Hanenfeldt and Leon Theremin.

Zenaide Hanenfeldt: The Scion of Imperial Russia That Became a Theremin Diva

Zenaide Hanenfeldt was one of Leon Theremin’s first associates in the United States. She played a leading role, from 1929 to 1934, in the American adventure of Leon Theremin, appearing in some of the most important theremin events of the period and experiencing a brief period of intense and ephemeral celebrity as a theremin diva. Later, she almost disappeared into oblivion, confined to stingy annotations in the history of the theremin. Let’s find out a little more about her.

Love. Your Spell Is Everywhere

Zenaide Hanenfeldt
Love. Your Spell Is Everywhere
Zenaide HanenfeldtLove. Your Spell Is Everywhere