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Fantasia for Theremin, Oboe, Piano, and String Quartet

Lydia KavinaFantasia for Theremin, Oboe, Piano, and String Quartet

“Fantasia for theremin, oboe, piano, and string quartet” by Bohuslav Martinů taken from the unpublished VHS cassette by Lydia Kavina “Concerto per Theremin. Live in Italy” (2000).

Theremin – Lydia Kavina
Violin – Roberto Mazzola*
Violin – Angela Ferrando*
Viola – Alessandro Ghè*
Cello – Giulio Glavina*
Oboe – Stefania Tedesco
Piano – Mauro Cavalieri D’Oro
* Columbus Orchestra (Italy)

Lydia Kavina’s Theremin made by Anthony J. Henk (U.K.)

Recorded live in Colletta di Castelbianco (SV), Italy, in 1998.

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2 thoughts on “Fantasia for Theremin, Oboe, Piano, and String Quartet

  1. Lydia Kavina says:

    Hi Valerio, thank you for posting this historical record. I keep warmest memories about that open air concert in Castelbianco, surrounded by the mountains, 22 years ago.

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